Submissions guidelines

As the world’s first and only freedom publishing house, we believe in giving authors the means to spread world-changing ideas. If you have a book that you think will amplify the conversation around bitcoin, Austrian economics, or sovereignty, we want to hear about it.

In addition to translating important works in the field, we’ve published original titles from major names in the space such as Knut Svanholm and Ioni Appelberg. And in 2023, we launched the 21 Futures project — the world’s first bitcoin fiction anthology.

We support our authors to develop and distribute top-quality books and only have the capacity to take on a few titles per year. For those authors looking to self-publish, we are able to offer our experience through editing (developmental, copy editing, and proofreading), typesetting, cover art, and book production services.


Write a brief email explaining why Konsensus would be the ideal publishing partner for you. Let us know if you are familiar with any of our titles.

Include one paragraph on the concept of your book. Sell it to us in three sentences.

Why would people buy your book? Which books could you compare it to? What makes the idea unique?

Briefly outline your publishing history, writing background or expertise on the subject matter.

Please attach a one-page synopsis of the book as well as the manuscript.

Email your submission to our team at [email protected]. We aim to reply to all submissions within 4-6 weeks.

If we are unable to take your project forward and think that self-publishing would be the best option, we’ll be happy to discuss a package to help you to bring your book to life and send it out into the wide world.

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