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Konsensus Network operates as a hub between authors, license holders, translators, and distribution and production channels. The main focus of the company is to localize and distribute important literature about bitcoin, Austrian economics, and sovereignty.

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Looking for a publisher? We are always looking for new authors. Send us your manuscript! We will review it and get back to you soon. Join the Konsensus Network today!
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Prefer self-publishing? We offer a range of professional publishing services, like editing, typesetting, ebook creation, and cover design.
Do you think your book would be a good addition to our shop? Reach out to us, and we'll make it happen. Your book will be available next to our growing catalog of titles.
Earn sats by becoming a partner and recommend our books. The rewards will be paid out in bitcoin. You will help spread the word about bitcoin and earn some sats in the process.

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