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The Konsensus Network was founded in 2019 by Niko Laamanen with the purpose of publishing the Finnish translation of the ground-breaking, and best-selling book ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ by Saifedean Ammous. With just an idea, Niko asked around and gathered a dedicated team to get the job done. A group of freedom-loving volunteers who were passionate about bitcoin rose to the occasion, and the result was the first book published by Konsensus Network.

A heroic effort by volunteers bootstrapped an organization dedicated to making available quality information about a new internet protocol. The process was quickly replicated in an effort to localize Portuguese, and Dutch versions of the most important bitcoin book to date. Four years later, we have over 50 books under our belt, and we’re only just getting started. Konsensus Network is a privately owned bitcoin-only company that operates as a hub between authors, license holders, translators, distribution, and production channels.

The Mission

Bitcoin is a difficult idea to understand and yet so fundamental for our future as humankind. This is why many activist groups have taken it upon themselves to help propagate vital information about this new tool for financial sovereignty. The focus of the company is to localize and distribute important literature about bitcoin, Austrian economics, and sovereignty. Konsensus Network is built by plebs. We are all enthusiasts who consider bitcoin to be an extremely important phenomenon, and we’re here to help others who want to find more information about the subject. Most of us didn’t expect to end up in the book publishing business, but we’re here to make this knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere. We want to provide every soul the chance and tools to understand the world-changing power of sound, decentralized money.

A Starfish Organization

Building a starfish organization is a powerful way to create a community of people who are dedicated to a shared goal. In the book “The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations,” Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom explore the concept of the starfish organization in depth. They argue that traditional hierarchical structures are becoming less effective in a rapidly changing world, and that decentralized, leaderless organizations are better suited to adapt and thrive in this environment.

One of the key characteristics of a starfish organization is the way it harnesses the power of volunteers. Instead of relying on a top-down hierarchy to get things done, a starfish organization relies on the passion and dedication of its members. In this sense, you could think of it as a light entrepreneurial enterprise, where each participant contributes work and reaps rewards according to their speciality. Another important aspect of a starfish organization is its ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Because there is no centralized leadership, decisions can be made more quickly and efficiently, and the organization can respond more effectively to emerging challenges.

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