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Connecting authors and readers in the bitcoin space since 2019. Professional publishing services for your manuscript. We are passionate about bitcoin and want to help you share your knowledge with the world.

What we do

Konsensus Network operates as a hub between authors, license holders, translators, and distribution and production channels. The main focus of the company is to localize and distribute important literature about bitcoin, Austrian economics, and sovereignty.


Discover a new home for your stories with Konsensus Network. We value unique voices and are committed to bringing your words to life. Join a community of authors who trust us to amplify their message. Let's write the next chapter, together.

Publishing service

Our White Glove Publishing Service offers authors a turnkey experience. Hand us your manuscript and watch as we meticulously handle every aspect of the publishing journey.

From translations to publication, brand management, and even speaker engagements, our dedicated team ensures everything is managed with the utmost care and precision. Experience the luxury of having experts manage the intricacies of publishing while you focus on your craft.


We understand the freedom and control that comes with self-publishing. That's why we offer a comprehensive self-publishing service, tailored to empower authors at every step. From fine-tuning your manuscript to guiding you through the distribution process, we're here to ensure your journey to becoming a self-published author is seamless and successful.

Curated shop

Our platform services go beyond just publishing. We proudly feature a curated shop where authors can list their books, provided they meet our editorial guidelines. It's a unique opportunity to showcase your work and reach an engaged audience eager to discover fresh voices and stories. Additionally, you get to enjoy our state-of-the-art bitcoin payment rails.

Language agent service

With our Language Agent service, expanding your book's reach becomes effortless. If you've already published in English or any other language and dream of captivating a global audience, leave it to us. Provide your manuscript, and we'll connect you with top-tier translators and the right local publishers. All this, bundled into a convenient subscription fee, ensures your work resonates worldwide.

Ghostwriting and deep editing

Every story deserves to be told, even if you're unsure how to pen it down. Our ghostwriting and deep editing services are designed for authors who have a vision but need assistance bringing it to life on paper. Whether you're starting from scratch or have a draft that needs refining, our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure your narrative is both compelling and authentic. With us, your voice and vision remain front and center, while we handle the heavy lifting.

At Konsensus Network, we're more than just a publisher; we're your literary partner. With us, your vision has a global stage.




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