21 Futures

If you could gaze into a crystal ball, what would you see?

The future has intrigued and perplexed humanity for centuries and despite our best efforts, the art of predicting the future has remained an elusive endeavor, an enigma too complex for us to unravel. Time and again, we’ve been met with the humbling realization that the future is a realm of infinite possibilities, forever beyond our complete comprehension.

So, where does the truth lie?

At Konsensus Network, we’ve come to understand that it resides somewhere between our collective imagination and the unfolding reality. In a place where dreams coalesce with facts, where speculation dances with certainty.

This is where “21 Futures” takes place. The first ever Bitcoin Fiction Anthology about the world to come. A treatise on what may or may never be. A portal into the boundless possibilities of the future.

We asked the world for their stories, and the world answered with a symphony of creativity. Over 50 storytellers from every corner of the globe shared their visions with us and allowed us to curate a collection of 21 extraordinary stories that will leave an indelible mark on your imagination.

Within these pages, murder mystery borders intergalactic dystopias. Treasure hunts share space with oppressed cyborgs and ecological renewal. Peace and poetry coexist in these new worlds. These stories will challenge the very fabric of existence. Just one thing remains indisputable – they all share a common origin, a genesis that echoes with the revolutionary spark ignited by Satoshi.

Welcome to “21 Futures: tales from the timechain”. Journey with us into the uncharted territories of tomorrow, where your imagination is the compass and the unknown is your destination.

What’s to come?

The response to our call to “21 Futures” was nothing short of extraordinary.

The book is now underway but we couldn’t stop there. The talent we witnessed in the submissions that didn’t make the final cut was too immense to ignore. As a result, we’ve decided to open up our blog to feature additional submissions.

Stories deserve to be experienced to the fullest. This is why we’re also going to be posting interviews with the authors to take a peek behind the scenes and learn more about the incredible worlds they created.


The future holds much more, but this is all we can tell you for now. Make sure to keep following us and subscribe to receive updates on this project and all the exciting things happening at Konsensus Network. See you in the future!

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