Why Affiliate?

We hope you enjoy your time #StackingSats here with us. This is what it’s all about.

As an affiliate, you earn bitcoins (sats) for each sale you make through your affiliate link that looks like this: https://konsensus.network/?aff=X where X is your affiliate ID. You will find your link in a separate email from us.

So, how do we pay you? Naturally we need to make sure all expenses are covered before distributing any rewards. It goes like this:

list price -> VAT% -> licensing% -> distribution & publishing expenses -> PROFIT <- This is where you come in. 

Reward ladder:

Tier 1, 0-4 books sold, 5%

Tier 2, 5-14 books sold, 10%

Tier 3, 15-34 books sold, 15%

Tier 4, 35-64 books sold,  20%

Tier 5, over 65 books sold, 25%

The reward will be proportional to how many sales you make every month. You start at affiliate Tier 1 and may progress all the way to Tier 5. The payout will happen on the last day of each month. We tally together all your confirmed* sales throughout affiliate eligible catalog of books during the month and determine your affiliate Tier for each monthly payout separately.

On top of that, you may become a Ringleader and recruit your own affiliate network to benefit from their collective sales quota that will count** towards yours. In addition, you will be rewarded according to the size of your following. This comes on top of your other rewards!

Ringleader bonus:

1st Ring, 1-4 followers, +5%

2nd Ring, 5-14 followers, +10%

3rd Ring, over 15 followers, +15%

As a cherry on top: The affiliate who makes the most sales (across their ring) in a month get’s an extra 10% “top of the hill” -bonus. This means you can earn up to 50% of the profit for each book you sell!

You will get a monthly report in your registered email along with instructions to send us your bitcoin address for the payout. The payout is always calculated in EUR but paid in BTC according to Bitstamp.net exchange rate on the moment of the payout.

Thank you for being a part of the movement.

Best regards: Niko from Konsensus Network

*Depending on the payment method, the sales may take anything between one second and one week to finalize. Please understand that we can’t pay affiliates unless we have the money first.

**The first sub-level of affiliates add 50% of their total monthly sales to your mothly total quota, the second level 25% and so on.

Also be sure to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions.