The Bitcoin Flag


The Original Orange Bitcoin Flag.


This is a must-have for every bitcoiner and great for your bitcoin business!

This clean designed flag with the bitcoin logo is a symbol for freedom, sovereignty, independence, it is inflation-resistant, censor-proof, salable, fungibility asset. Bitcoin is anti fiats and is taking the power of money out of the states and back to the people. It is a sound money standard that will change the world, this flag is a representation of that. The flag is made of the highest quality in Scandinavia. It consists of 120 gram polyester, size 100x150cm.

This orange bitcoin flag is perfect for your citadel, your office, you can hoist the flag in your backyard flagpole or replace the company flag. It is very suitable for a business to display to the customers that you offer payments in bitcoin, it’s a way to display the sats standard and the usage of the Lightning Network. Or what about as a backdrop for a podcast?

100x 150 cm
120-gram polyester
High Quality, made in Scandinavia
2 Years manufacturer warranty