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The Knut Experience

Immerse yourself in the captivating words of Knut Svanholm with our exclusive Bundle. This curated collection brings together every book written by Svanholm, allowing you to experience the full depth and breadth of his thoughts and theories.

Author of “Sovereignty and Independence”, “Everything divided by 21 million” and “Praxeology”, Knut used to have a fiat life as a ship captain and now you may choose him as the captain of your bitcoin space ark to navigate the stormy seas of fiat imposition and swells of cognitive dissonance.

Grounded in logic and unbound in spirit, Knut offers something for everyone in his books. With his unique perspective and incredible ability to use metaphors Knut Svanholm finds a truly beautiful way of explaining the global shifting paradigm of unprecedented proportions that is bitcoin.

We have plenty of pessimism and outright nihilism in the bitcoin scene and Knut, using his quick wit and humor, whips up a fresh gust of positivity and optimism to disperse the clouds of misery, letting the rays of infinite optionality, prosperity and love shine through.

Knut’s books are best described as guided meditation that soothe the experienced and tutor the uninitiated in the ways of bitcoin.

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