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Human action starterpack

Human action starterpack

Gain a holistic understanding of human action and the implications of decision-making with the “Human Action Bundle”. Get a comprehensive engaging, and easy-to-read overview of the field of economics with "Principles of Economics" by Saifedean Ammous; and deep dive into the multifaceted, a-priori field of praxeology with “Prexeology” by Knut Svanholm.

Principles of Economics

In Principles of Economics, Saifedean Ammous offers readers a potent antidote to the modern economics textbook. This book uses the underappreciated approach of the Austrian school of economics to introduce the principles, methods, and concepts of economics in a readable, engaging, and informative manner. Rather than relying on mathematical analysis of aggregates and arcane theoretical models, the book uses the clear written word to effectively illustrate key economic concepts.

The book first presents the Austrian school method and the foundational concepts of value and time. With these foundations laid, the second part of the book explores how humans act individually to achieve their ends under scarcity—in other words, how humans economize. The third part of the book examines economizing in the social context. The fourth part of the book presents the Austrian perspective on monetary economics. The final section of the book explains why respect for property rights in an extended market order is the basis for human civilization, how the market order protects against aggression, and the failures of monopoly provision of defense.


"Praxeology" by Knut Svanholm introduces us to the science of human action and guides us through the exploration of the multifaceted, a-priori field of praxeology. This book is an invitation to explore "first principal thinking" and to understand our relationship with the world around us.

Through deductive reasoning, Knut unravels the intricacies of economics and explores the profound interdependence between us and the market. “Praxeology” becomes a set of truth goggles, that allows us to look beyond the veil of Maya and reveal hidden truths about human action, free will and catallactics.

With his guidance, we examine some of the most fundamental economic concepts such as the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and the Ricardian Law of Association; we explore the nature of monetary goods, the relationship between time preference and money, and its connection to civilizational advancement.

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