The Importance of Wielding Bitcoin: Empowerment Through Action
Wielding Bitcoin

The Importance of Wielding Bitcoin: Empowerment Through Action

Niko Laamanen

By Niko Laamanen

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In the world of digital money, Bitcoin has emerged as a revolutionary force that promises to redefine how we view and interact with money. While many people are content with buying and holding bitcoin as a speculative investment, there is a strong case to be made for actively wielding this form of money. Wielding bitcoin goes beyond mere ownership; it involves utilizing it as a tool for empowerment, innovation, and problem-solving. In this article, we will explore why wielding bitcoin is crucial and how it can contribute to a brighter future.

Wielding bitcoin offers a transformative shift in our paradigm, moving away from dependence on the state and towards voluntary cooperation based on specialization and individual profitability maximization. Throughout human history, this has been a cornerstone of development and progress. As the state’s ability to provide essential services diminishes, it becomes increasingly necessary for us to take the power and responsibility into our own hands.


Active Use: More Than Buying and Holding

When it comes to bitcoin, it is not enough to simply buy and hold. The true potential lies in actively using it for various purposes. Bitcoin can serve as a means of saving, investing, and spending in an unstoppable manner. By engaging in transactions and utilizing bitcoin for day-to-day activities, individuals become part of a global movement that is reshaping the financial landscape.

It is crucial to recognize that holding bitcoin, while often seen as a safe strategy, is a high time preference activity. By holding onto our bitcoin without actively wielding it, we incur a significant opportunity cost. This means that the money saved in bitcoin is deducted from the potential new wonders of the world that could be built. We forfeit the rewards that would result from successfully wielding bitcoin and creating an environment where humanity can truly thrive.


Bitcoin as a Unique Weapon for Self-Defense

Unlike traditional weapons that can be used for aggression, bitcoin belongs to a unique class of weapons that can only be used for self-defense. With its decentralized nature and cryptographic security, bitcoin enables individuals to protect their wealth and exercise control over their financial destinies. By wielding bitcoin, people can safeguard themselves against economic turmoil, censorship, and government interference.

Building for the Future

Many bitcoin enthusiasts harbor dreams of a rapid transition to a bitcoin standard or widespread adoption within their lifetimes. However, it is important to recognize that such grand transformations may take longer than expected. Instead of focusing on immediate gratification, it is more reasonable and responsible to build for future generations. By actively wielding bitcoin, we can contribute to a foundation that will enable future individuals to thrive unencumbered by chains of fiat.

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Generating Cash Flow and Solving Problems

While owning bitcoin can provide financial security, it is equally important to generate cash flow positive businesses. Bitcoin, like any other form of money, can be lost or stolen. By building businesses that solve real problems for people, we create a sustainable source of income that can support our families and serve as a hedge against potential losses in bitcoin. Balancing our wealth between bitcoin and productive ventures ensures long-term prosperity.

Spending Bitcoin: A Catalyst for Development

Holding bitcoin should always be considered in the context of spending it later. If everyone merely hoards bitcoin without actively wielding it to develop products and services that solve the problems of humanity, its potential will be squandered. By spending bitcoin, we contribute to a vibrant ecosystem, stimulate innovation, and encourage wider adoption. This virtuous cycle strengthens bitcoin’s position as a global form of money that transcends borders and empowers individuals.


Diverse Forms of Profit

In wielding bitcoin, it is crucial to understand that profit comes in various forms, each with its own desirability depending on the individual. While monetary profit is often sought after, it is essential to recognize the value of reputational capital and informational capital. Building a strong reputation and acquiring knowledge can open doors to opportunities that extend beyond financial gains. By actively wielding bitcoin, we can harness these different forms of profit to create a well-rounded and fulfilling life.


In the world of bitcoin, wielding this form of money goes beyond mere ownership. It empowers individuals, safeguards their wealth, and fuels innovation. By actively using bitcoin, we become part of a movement that is reshaping the global financial landscape. While patience is essential in the face of grand transformations, we must focus on building a foundation for future generations. By generating cash flow positive businesses and spending bitcoin wisely, we contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem.

By actively wielding bitcoin, we empower ourselves to shape the future. We become drivers of innovation, builders of businesses, and creators of solutions that address the problems of our time. It is through active participation that we unlock the full potential of bitcoin as money and manifest its transformative power in our lives and communities.

By Niko LaamanenNiko Laamanen

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